Updated Articles

  1. Surcharges and Convenience Fees by Location

    Information on if surcharge or convenience fees are allowed based on the customer's location.
  2. Surcharges and How They Work

    Information on surcharges and how they work.
  3. How To Register For Surcharging With The Card Brands

    Information on how to register with the card brands for surcharging.
  4. Locate A Subscription

    How to locate a subscription.
  5. Payment Profiles And Settings

    Information on settings for Payment Profiles.
  6. Embedded Fields Configuration

    Information on configuring Embedded Fields.
  7. Configure Account Updater

    How to configure Qualpay Account Updater.
  8. Release A Card On Hold

    How to release a card on hold in Account Updater.
  9. Review Cards On Hold

    How to view cards on hold in account updater.
  10. Place A Card On Hold

    How to place a card on hold in account updater.