Configure Account Updater

Go to Administration, select Settings, and then the Account Updater tab.

Scheduling an Account Updater Harvest

We will harvest all cards once a month and send a request for updated information to the card brands for the harvested cards. We will automatically update the card on file if any updates are received. If we do not receive an update, you’ll need to contact your customer for an updated card. Single-use cards, non-US issued cards, and cards marked as held will not be included in the card harvest. We suggest scheduling your account harvest at least five business days before you would like to receive your results. 

To schedule the harvest date:

  1. Click the toggle next to Harvest Card Vault.
  2. Add the specific day of the month you want to schedule for harvest.
  3. Select Save Changes.


You can elect to have us send a summary email once the Account Updater results are available. 

Alternatively, use webhooks to subscribe to and receive notifications of Account Updater events. Notifications include when an account updater harvest is complete. To configure a webhook, go to Administration, select Webhook Configuration, and then click on New Webhook.