Transaction Types
Information on transaction types that can be performed on Maast products.
Payment Types
Information on payment types you can take with Maast.
Transaction Detail
Information in the transaction detail sections of several Merchant Manager reports.
Transaction Statuses
Information on transaction statuses for transactions processed on Maast products.
Search For A Transaction
Information on how to search for a transaction.
Declined Transactions
Information about declined transactions.
Working With Batches
Working with batches on Merchant Manager.
Information on different currencies you can support for your international customers, and receive funds in US dollars.
Surcharges and How They Work
Information on surcharges and how they work.
How To Register For Surcharging With The Card Brands
Information on how to register with the card brands for surcharging.
Convenience Fees and How They Work
Information on convenience fees and how they work.
Surcharges and Convenience Fees by Location
Information on if surcharge or convenience fees are allowed based on the customer's location.