Go to Administration and then click on Notifications

The Notifications tab allows you to configure your email preferences for batch close, disputes received, and ACH payment rejects or returns notifications. You can also configure various summary email notifications, including statements, daily processing summary, daily invoice summary, daily subscription summary, and daily account updater summary notifications.

 The email address receiving notifications must be associated with a Merchant Manager user. You must create a user with an associated email address before enabling notifications. 

Select the user from the dropdown list for each notification type to enable notifications. If the user does not already exist, select Create a New User

If we cannot send an email to the address, you will see the address highlighted in red. If the user's status is "reset password" or "time-locked," you will see the email address highlighted in Orange. Email addresses highlighted in orange or red will not receive any email notifications until the user issues have been corrected. 

To remove a user from receiving notifications, click the X in the box containing the user’s name/email address for each applicable notification type.

Daily Processing Summary

A daily summary email for all of the settled batches received by us. This summary is useful for merchants who process more than one batch per day due to multiple payment profiles, Merchant Accounts, or ACH Payments.

Batch Close

A daily detail report for a single batch when it closes. If you close multiple batches in a day, you will receive a batch close email for each batch.

Disputes Received

A daily dispute notification email summarizes the number of disputes received and any changes to dispute cases within the last seven days. By default, the administrator for the account is configured to receive this notification.

Monthly Statements

A monthly statement notification email notifying when your monthly statement becomes available to view on Merchant Manager. 

ACH Payment Rejects or Returns

A daily ACH payment notification email summarizing any rejects or returns received in the last 24 hours. By default, the administrator for the account is configured to receive this notification. Only available on accounts that process ACH payments. 

Invoice Summary

A daily summarized report of your invoices' health and activity, including payment activity against outstanding invoices. Only available on accounts that have our Invoicing product.

NOTE: Summary of daily invoice activity email gives an invoice activity summary only for the previous day and not the days before.

Subscription Summary

A summarized email consisting of all the Active, Cancelled, Completed, Paused, and Suspended Subscriptions. Only available on accounts that have our Recurring Billing product.

Account Updater Summary

The summarized email notification consists of all the Requests, Responses, and Matches for your most recent Account Updater Harvest. Only available on accounts that have our Account Updater product.