ACH Payment Notification of Change (NOC)

The ACH Network provides an ACH Payment Notification of Change or NOC. The purpose of a NOC is to notify you that something about your customer’s bank account has changed. For example, if your customer’s bank routing number has changed, you may receive a NOC. Usually, your transaction is accepted as-is; however, you are expected to correct the information for subsequent transactions. 

If you are storing your customer’s ACH Payment account information on your system, you should update your records with the correct information.

If you are using Customer Vault or Card Vault, the card ID will be automatically updated and ready to use for any future transactions.

You can review your NOC updates by going to Disputes from the main menu, then New ACH Cases.

C01 - Corrected Account
C02 - Corrected Routing
C03 - Corrected Routing and Account
C04 - Corrected Name
C05 - Corrected Tran Code
C06 - Corrected Account and Tran Code
C07 - Corrected Routing, Account, and Tran Code
C08 - Corrected Foreign Routing
C09 - Corrected Individual ID Number
C10 - Corrected Company Name
C11 - Corrected Company ID
C12 - Corrected Company Name and Company ID
C13 - Addenda Format Error
C61 - Misrouted Notification Of Change
C62 - Incorrect Trace Number
C63 - Incorrect Company Identification Number
C64 - Incorrect Individual Identification Number
C65 - Incorrectly formatted Corrected Data
C66 - Incorrect Discretionary Data
C67 - Routing Number not from Original Entry Detail Record
C68 - DFI Account Number not from Original Entry Detail Record
C69 - Incorrect Transaction Code