How To Register For Surcharging With The Card Brands

Thirty days before your business begins to surcharge transactions, you must notify Maast and Mastercard that you will be adding a surcharge. 

Contact Maast Support about your intent to begin surcharging. Maast Support will assist you with enabling surcharging on your merchant account and can advise on the surcharge amount and how to disclose surcharging to your customers.

Click Here To Notify MasterCard

Note:  American Express does not require prior notification. Visa and Discover require contacting Maast at least 30 days before adding a surcharge.

If you have a direct integration to the Maast API, then as of April 14, 2023, Visa requires you to send the surcharge amount in a specific field. If you send the surcharge amount through the Maast Payment Gateway in the amt_tran_fee field, Maast will map it to the correct Visa field. Visa considers the first time you send a surcharge amount in that field to be the official notification to Visa that you are surcharging transactions.