New Articles

  1. ACH Payment Return Rates and Thresholds

    Information about ACH Payment Return Rates and Thresholds.
  2. ACH Payment Written Authorization (WEB/TEL/PPD/CCD)

    Information about ACH Payment Written Authorizations.
  3. ACH Payment Reinitiation

    Information about the ACH Payment reinitiation after an ACH Payment return.
  4. ACH Payment Failure Code 119

    Information about the ACH Payment Failure Code 119.
  5. ACH Payment "Not Authorized" Returns

    Information about ACH Payment "Not Authorized" Returns.
  6. ACH Payment Review NOCs

    Information on how to review your Notices of Change (NOCs).
  7. ACH Payment Recurring Billing (PPD/CCD)

    Information on the requirements for taking recurring ACH payments.
  8. Surcharges and Convenience Fees by Location

    Information on if surcharge or convenience fees are allowed based on the customer's location.
  9. How To Register For Surcharging With The Card Brands

    Information on how to register with the card brands for surcharging.
  10. Declined Transactions

    Information about declined transactions.