MasterCard's Decline Code Grouping and MAC

In November 2021, MasterCard introduced an authorization decline program. The program consolidates decline codes into three buckets: 

79 - Lifecycle Declines 

  • 14 Invalid Card Number
  • 54 Expired Card 

82- Policy Declines

  • 03 Invalid Merchant
  • 13 Invalid Amount
  • 57 Transaction Not Permitted
  • 61 Exceeds Withdrawal amount
  • 62 Restricted Card
  • 65 Exceeds Withdrawal Count

83- Security Declines

  • 41 Lost Card
  • 43 Stolen Card
  • 55 Invalid PIn
  • 63 Security Violation

MasterCard maps these three Authorization Response Categories to one of four Merchant Advice Codes (MAC) depending on the underlying decline code. These codes are as follows:

01 - Updated information needed

    Check Account Updater if the decline code is 79 or 82

    Retry using EMV 3DS if the decline code is 83

02 - Try again later

03 - Do Not try again

21 - Payment canceled

Our products, including Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal, support MAC for your reference. 

To view the Merchant Advice Code (MAC):

  1. Log in to Merchant Manager, select Transactions, and apply the filter of Merchant Advice Code.
  2. Select all or individual MACs you are interested in viewing. The table will present all the data meeting the criteria selected.
  3. Opt to download the data for further analysis or click on a transaction to view the details. The Transaction Detail will display the MAC code in the Authorized tab. 

Card-not-present authorization requests retried after being declined with a MAC of 03 or 21 (from the same card and with the same transaction amount in the past 30 days) will receive a fee. MasterCard’s fee is $.03 per item.