Embedded Fields Configuration

To access your Embedded Fields settings, go to Administration, click Settings, then click the Embedded tab.

Google V3 Recaptcha
We recommend enabling Google V3 Recaptcha when your checkout page is accessed directly on your website and does not appear behind a login. If you already display another captcha service to prevent carding attacks, configure this option to be off.
Google V3 Recaptcha Threshold Score
reCAPTCHA v3 returns a score (1.0 is likely a good interaction, 0.0 is likely a bot). Transactions below this score will be marked as suspicious.
Google V3 Recaptcha Interval (min)
The length of time you would like your Google V3 Recaptcha number of suspicious requests allowed before resetting the counter.
Google V3 Recaptcha Number of Suspicious requests allowed
The number of transactions scoring below the Google V3 Recaptcha threshold score that you would like to allow.
Verify on Tokenize
Set the toggle to Yes if you would like to verify your customer's card before creating the token
Maximum number of declines
After receiving this number of declines from the same customer, your customer will be instructed to start over. This is useful for preventing carding attacks.