Edit A Plan

Go to Plans and select a plan with active status from the list to edit.

When you edit the details of an active plan, any active subscriptions will be updated with the changes made.

To edit a selected plan:

  1. Click a plan with the status of active on the list.
  2. Edit the Plan Description, Plan Amount, Plan Frequency, Plan Duration, One Time Fee, % Surcharge*, Begin Billing On, Prorate, Trial Period, Trial Period Amount, Trial Duration, or DBA Suffix fields. 
  3. Once done editing, click Save Changes.
  4. If there are any existing subscriptions using this plan, you will receive a popup window that states, “This plan has x subscriptions that will be updated.” If you select Update Plan, any subscriptions using this plan will be updated with any changes made. If you select Cancel, your changes will not be saved, and no subscriptions will be updated.

*Note: See surcharge rules for more information.