Customer Vault Overview

Our Customer Vault is designed for you to securely store customer data and minimize the costs, resources, and hassles associated with PCI DSS compliance. Create a customer record, store a customer’s preferred payment information, and save time re-entering the entire payment information again during transactions. If you store a credit card, you can verify the card and ensure that the credit card number provided is associated with a valid, open account. You can verify any currently stored credit card at any time.

Make a payment directly from a customer record and view all transactions associated with that record. Easily search, edit, add a shipping address, or delete a customer record. We support adding, viewing, or searching comments, which are viewable only by you. To make sure you can track any changes to a customer record, you can view the customer change history.

Pair the Customer Vault with our Account Updater service to automatically check and update your customers’ expired, closed, or reissued credit cards. The service supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Use Account Updater to keep all of your customer credit card data up-to-date to minimize the number of declines received for repeat customer transactions due to expired cards, closed accounts, and reissued cards.